Choosing your gear

Finding your one true love… or loves.
Polygamy is allowed here. In fact, everyone encourages it.

You started snowboarding because:
– You started out as a skier but decided snowboarding was waayyy more badass
– Your friend who was lonely on the slopes all by him/herself coaxed you into it, maybe with promises of free food or the possibilities of meeting hot powder hounds/snow bunnies
– Like loads of others, you were influenced by high-profile riders such as Shaun White
– You were a skateboarder/surfer and decided to transfer the love of boarding onto the snow, just for something to do during the winter

No matter what your story is, the fact that you are looking at sites like these probably means you have fallen in love with it.
Now you need some wood to fuel your newfound passion. And that small bit of kindling to start the fire will be the purchase of your first gear.

Finding your first gear can be hard.. and confusing. I personally did literally days of google search to get everything right. But since you’re here already, you don’t need to.

Hardgoods <- click me
Softgoods <- click me


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